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About Us

Petroleum Technologies provides complete fluid testing for many different markets and applications with a special focus on the transportation, off-highway, industrial, waste handling/landfill, marine and power generation industries.

Petroleum Technologies began as an engine repair shop called Precision Diesel Services in 1978, the founder, Mike Reimann, introduced an fluid analysis program as a complement to his repair service in the late 70’s, realizing the importance and necessity of a solid, holistic preventative maintenance program. By the early 80’s, the engine repair shop was sold and a complete focus was maintained on developing and leading the fluid analysis industry. As a pioneer in the industry, we were one of the first to introduce the FTIR as a standard test to our oil analysis program and in the mid 90s, we launched one of the first online, live databases for our customers to retrieve their data. We still continue to strive for the “what’s next?” and push forward while maintaining our original convictions that were formed so many years ago.

At Petroleum Technologies, you’re never just another number. Along side our staff, we strive to provide not only high quality data but also unparalleled customer service.