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Testing and Services

At Petroleum Technologies, we believe in a holistic approach to fluid analysis. To us, it doesn’t make sense to only look at one 'slice' of what is really happening inside your equipment... which is why we’ve made it standard to include all necessary testing into one, complete bundle. It’s easy, accurate...and we’ve eliminated all the 'additional charges' to your invoices. We’ve made it simple. Three easy steps.

Place your order and we’ll send you the sample kits (3oz. jar, information card, return mailer). Contact us to see what testing kit is best for what best meets your needs. Click here for how to order your sample kits.

Send in your sample with the completed, original information card (Very important! Your information card is your receipt!). The more information you can provide us, the more accurate and useful the analysis will be to you. Critical information: company information, unit id, fluid brand/type, total miles/hours on the equipment, and miles/hours on the sample.

The results are posted online immediately. (The database is live and instantaneous, so you may see the sample during the testing and review processes. Please allow 48 hours before considering the online results as final.) All reports are emailed out upon completion (unless it is requested otherwise).


We can supply kits to a variety of different applications and fluid types. To recieve kits and pricing, please email us below with information about your needs. We offer basic testing packages or we can customize the kits to meet your specific needs.

For no additional cost, we've included these extra services to make your life a little easier:

  • 48 hour turnaround time (‘rush’ samples in 24 hours)
  • Reports showing the previous four trend histories for each sample
  • Results emailed out (unless otherwise requested)
  • Analysis kits at no additional charge (including 3oz. jar, information card, return mailer jar)
  • Online database access that can included up to 10 years of history, graphing and charting options
  • A real person will answer the phone when you call us!

Request information about Petroleum Technologies fluid sample kits:
e-mail us: james@oil-lab.com or call 800-262-3817